Legal Disputes

Are Legal Disputes Threatening to Drain Valuable Assets?

Seeking Timely Guidance can help you Enjoy peace of Mind

Court battles are never an easy matter; they are often complex, expensive (the costs may run into thousands of dollars) and prolonged. In this world of competitive markets and erratic economic trends, it’s common to find that businesses often under mergers. Trained commercial lawyers are experts in the field of business law and are experienced in using valid legal provisions for their clients’ benefit. A merger is defined as the unification of two companies into a single business entity. However, the process can be complicated and you can lose out on good share prices etc if you are not aware of the implications. Experienced commercial lawyers can help you get the full value for your shares and maximise bargaining power. In fact, many times it’s best to sell your shares at the earliest and this is why it’s a good idea to seek timely and reliable legal advice.

Moreover mergers may often lead to confusion and disputes over shares, loans and other monetary issues and this may affect the performance of the business. Trusted legal counsel can help you get the rightful value for your shares (in the event of a merger or if you wish to sell your shares) in out-of-court settlements. This is usually a more hassle-free option compared to taking the matter to court. You may also wish to seek legal advice if you are a shareholder and are dissatisfied with the company’s actions.

Shareholder disputes are fairly common and are often triggered due to the reasons described below:

  • Company policies or actions that undermine shareholder benefits or rights (usually described as oppression)
  • Disputes between shareholders
  • Shareholder perception Directors of the company who do not perform at their best
  • Breaches of fiduciary duty (an individual who is legally obliged to act in the best interests of others is called a fiduciary)
  • Lack of awareness about company’s finances or performance; when shareholders may b kept in the dark about important information

Shareholder disputes are one of the most common reasons for financial and operational problems in business. Without proper legal guidance, the business could be forced to shut its doors or the brand could be permanently damaged. As a matter of fact, it may drain all the business of all its valuable assets; a lot of effort and hard work may be wasted away in endless legal wrangling. Business lawyers are trained to negotiate on your behalf and create detailed contracts. Prolonged battles over mergers, acquisitions, evaluation of the business can result in insolvency and high levels of stress. The adverse consequences of internal shareholder disputes can be so grave that it’s best to resolve such issues at the earliest.