What Dental Practices Must Do To Ensure They Comply With Employment Law

For dentists or owners of dental practices we are certain that you have employees who work there and also are sure that, without them, it would otherwise be almost impossible for your dental practice to function properly. No matter how great your dentistry skills and experience are, being able to use them within your dental practice requires others to support you such as dental nurses, receptionists, and administrative staff. What all of this means at the most obvious level is that you are an employer and therefore subject to complying with the employment laws which exist within both your state and the country as a whole. This is where many dental practice employers get themselves in trouble due to them either not being aware of specific employment laws or, more concerningly, choosing to ignore them. We sincerely hope you do not fall into the latter category of being an employer who thinks employment laws are for others to follow. If not, good, and it then could be that you have problems simply because there are employment laws that exist that you are unaware of, or are unsure how to apply and comply with them. Here are some ways you can change that scenario.

5 Key Legal Facts Relating To Children Of Divorced Parents Travelling

All divorce lawyers will tell you that divorces become a lot more complicated when the divorcing couple has one or more children. When the parents of children divorce there are matters such as who the children will live with, what the visitation rights are for the absent parent, and what level of financial support the absent parent will provide.

In many instances, these are agreed upon through negotiation and the children benefit from their divorced parents having a convivial relationship where matters related to the children are discussed and agreed upon amicably rather than turning into a battle of wits and legal arguments in the Family Court.

A matter that often confuses is the children travelling. Whether it be to another state within Australia or another country, there are requirements that both parents must comply with. This is an area of divorce law that many divorcing parents have little knowledge of, and this can lead them to take action, which is at best unhelpful, and at its worst, unlawful. This is why divorce lawyers should always be consulted before divorced parents make any travel plans for children.

How To Prove To The Family Court You And Your Spouse Or De Facto Partner Have Legally Separated

Clients are often shocked when family lawyers tell them that if their marriage or de facto relationship is at an end, they and their spouse or partner can still live under the same roof, but can be deemed as being separated for the purpose of divorce or legally ending their de facto relationship. However, whilst they might live in the same house, there will be significant changes as to how that is done.

Now, it might seem strange that a couple can separate and be planning to have that marriage or de facto relationship legally ended, but all the while the spouses or partners are still living in the same house. But, when you have considered the many reasons why that is an arrangement that can suit both of them and their children especially if they are parents, then it does not seem such an odd situation.

Why Separating Couples May Choose To Remain Living Under the Same Roof

Let us first state that not every couple who is divorcing or ending their de facto relationship is at each other’s throats and wishing that the other were on a different planet, let alone a different house. In fact, the vast majority of divorces are conducted amicably with both parties able to communicate and settle their divorce without any rancour or animosity.

7 Proven Digital Marketing Tactics For Law Firms

The worlds of digital marketing and the legal profession might not seem to have much in common, however, any lawyer or law firm that hopes to compete with others in their local area for new clients, must embrace digital marketing and use it effectively. By doing so, law firms can benefit in many ways which include boosting trust and authority in their local area and seeing an ever-increasing number of new clients seeking their services.

To gain these advantages requires a digital marketing campaign to be established, and that is often where lawyers hit a roadblock as obviously their knowledge and experience are more likely to relate to the courtroom than marketing channels and search engines. However, even with limited knowledge of digital marketing, if you follow some tried and trusted tactics you can still produce a positive result, so here are seven digital marketing tactics that Slinky Digital highly recommends for law firms.

Carry Out Detailed Research And Planning: Just as you would carefully plan and research for a court case, the same principle applies to creating digital marketing campaigns. Online marketing best practices, your competition, your audience, marketing channels, and content options, are but a few of the many elements of a digital marketing campaign you need to thoroughly research and plan for.

Publish The Best Quality Content You Can: No matter what marketing channels you choose, it is essential that, in every case, the content you publish there, especially on your website, is of the highest quality. This not only helps boost your authority with readers but can help gain better search engine rankings as Google can measure the quality of content based on visitor behaviour.

The Differences Between Legalisation And Decriminalisation Of Drugs

If you have used, or are using drugs, you might be fortunate enough to have never been arrested or convicted in relation to your drug use. In fact, many drug users go through years of drug use such as ice addiction, complete a comprehensive drug rehab program, and the irony is the first time they are ever stopped by police is when they are completely clean, but have a faulty brake light or go through a ‘Stop’ sign without stopping.

If you were to be stopped by the police in relation to drugs, how the course of events that follow will play out will very much depends on where you are. We do not mean what bar, street, or park you might be in, but in relation to the country or the state you happened to be in at the time you are stopped by the police.

The reason for this is that each country has its own views, and subsequently its own laws in relation to drugs. Often these laws differ within a single country where individual jurisdictions have differing attitudes and legislation relating to drugs. This can cause confusion not only for tourists and visitors to that particular area, but also for its own residents.

How Does The Court Decide Who Gets Child Custody?

If you ask your divorce lawyer at familylawassist.com.au which aspect of handling a divorce brings the most amount of stress and upset for their clients, many of them will tell you it is custody of the children. Sadly, when going through a divorce, some parents see their children either as assets or as weapons which they can use against their ex-spouse.

This is not to say that they do not love or care for their children, but as often happens, they lose sight of what is in the best interests of their children, when seen within the context of a divorce, especially if that divorce is acrimonious.

The good news is that when it comes to the custody of children, disagreements that end up being decided in court, are actually in the minority. Thankfully, most parents are able to agree with regards to custody and visitation, often through meetings and negotiations which are conducted through their respective legal representatives.

Another service that can be helpful in enabling the parents to come to an agreement is family mediation. These can provide both parents with advice and can introduce options such as family group sessions, where family and friends of the couple can offer ideas and contribute to the discussion.

Can You Be Fired for Being Sick?

We regularly get asked about the laws surrounding sickness and employment termination. Fortunately, Australia’s laws are quite clear on this issue, which is something of a relief. As always, you should always seek legal advice from employment lawyers if you feel you’ve been dismissed unfairly. You can find a list of the best lawyers at lawyerslist.com.au.

In the rest of this article we’ve covered everything you need to know about illness and your rights as an employee. As always, this is meant as advice only and doesn’t constitute professional legal aid.

Can I Be Fired for Being Sick too Often in Australia?

First, let’s address the main question here. In short, the Fair Work Act 2009 says that an employee can’t be fired if they’re temporarily off sick. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here, and employers aren’t as exposed as it might seem at first.

In short, an employee who is absent on sick leave must provide a medical certificate or statutory declaration covering the claimed illness or injury. In most cases, this has to be provided within 24 hours, or, in special circumstances, within a reasonable time frame.

If an employee doesn’t provide these documents, then they can theoretically be dismissed without breaking the law. However, it’s usually a good idea to seek the advice of an employment lawyer to ensure you’re within your rights before terminating a contract.

Worried about the Financial fallout after Separation?

Given the reality that nearly a third of marriages end in divorce, it’s important to be aware of the financial fallout after divorce. Family Lawyers can help you systematically approach the situation, and this helps reduce the trauma and stress. Once the partners decide to end a relationship, the process can be a long, complex and tedious one. It’s always a good idea to have a valid BFA (Binding Financial Agreement) in place. Even if you do have a BFA to refer to, you may wish to seek competent legal guidance to help you negotiate the best terms. According to the Australian Family Act of 1975, a pre-nuptial agreement (like a BFA) will contain the rights and responsibilities of each partner, which makes it easier to move forward towards amicable and speedy solutions.

Confusions and altercations often result in long-drawn court battles, leading to steep expenses and prolonged stress. Divorce is one of the most traumatic events, and it pays to have experienced assistance on your side. It’s natural to feel anxious about such a big change in your life and the attendant feelings of insecurity. The process of divorce involves planning for short-term as well as long-term. Moreover, proceedings are often fuelled by anger and resentment and take much longer to resolve. A family lawyer can help you understand your situation and approach matters logically.

If you’re going through a divorce, a reliable lawyer can help you in many ways, including:

  • Significant reduction in court and financial costs
  • Amicable resolution for problems and moving towards mutually acceptable solutions
  • Greater understanding and insights regarding your rights and duties
  • Improved communication with your partner on essential issues such as alimony, property settlement, custody and so on

Every marriage, relationship, and, consequently, every divorce is different and requires a different approach. Talking to a trustworthy lawyer can help you decide on your best strategy. It’s always better to opt for out-of-court settlements as the judiciary process may take much longer, and the results may not always be acceptable. There are certain conditions under which Australian courts may declare the financial agreement to be null and void. To avoid such situations, it’s best to hire affordable legal services to protect your best interests.

Are Legal Disputes Threatening to Drain Valuable Assets?

Seeking Timely Guidance can help you Enjoy peace of Mind

Court battles are never an easy matter; they are often complex, expensive (the costs may run into thousands of dollars) and prolonged. In this world of competitive markets and erratic economic trends, it’s common to find that businesses often under mergers. Trained commercial lawyers are experts in the field of business law and are experienced in using valid legal provisions for their clients’ benefit. A merger is defined as the unification of two companies into a single business entity. However, the process can be complicated and you can lose out on good share prices etc if you are not aware of the implications. Experienced commercial lawyers can help you get the full value for your shares and maximise bargaining power. In fact, many times it’s best to sell your shares at the earliest and this is why it’s a good idea to seek timely and reliable legal advice.

Moreover mergers may often lead to confusion and disputes over shares, loans and other monetary issues and this may affect the performance of the business. Trusted legal counsel can help you get the rightful value for your shares (in the event of a merger or if you wish to sell your shares) in out-of-court settlements. This is usually a more hassle-free option compared to taking the matter to court. You may also wish to seek legal advice if you are a shareholder and are dissatisfied with the company’s actions.

Is Divorce leaving you feeling Overwhelmed?

A Reliable Lawyer can take Care of the Legal Legwork

Even if you are frustrated with your relationship and wish to leave your partner, divorce is never an easy process to deal with. By hiring experienced family lawyers, you can make informed decisions without feeling flustered and resentful. The decision to end a relationship sets off a long and often tedious process and even in the absence of upheavals, it’s still a difficult process at best. The adverse effects not only impact the spouses or partners but also children, parents, grandchildren and extended family. Many family members sometimes must experience a reduced standard of living due to diminished economic resources.

If you are thinking of filing for divorce, you may wish to consider consulting with a lawyer before you make the final decision. This way, you will have a better idea of the legal and financial consequences and options available to you. If you make the decision to proceed with the divorce, there are several steps that you will need to execute. In addition, you will have to provide information about minor children, prior financial agreements, date of separation and so on. You need to know where to go, which documents to file, what information to provide and so on. Seeking expert legal advice can be invaluable because your lawyer will ensure that your best interests are protected at all times. He or she will be happy to take care of all the run around and legwork that will ensue, thus leaving you free to attend to other important matters.